Green screen studio for rent or with production assistance

A video produced in green screen studio gives a professional result, whether you choose a studio setup with a virtual digital design or post-produced in editing.

Green screen studio - Mettes Mix
Green screen sudio - Mettes Mix talkshow


Studio productions in greenscreen, where we produce a digital virtual universe (backdrop / virtual set study scenography), which for confusion can look like reality – we can adapt the scenography to your wishes. It allows for varied and dynamic backgrounds.



Facts and details about the studio of Mediehuset København

  • Studio: Small studio with the opportunity to produce both traditionally and with a green screen
  • Green screen: 3 walls and floor covered with green (270 degrees)
  • Floor plan: You will find it here on the page
  • Air conditioning: Our studio is one of the few that has air conditioning, which is a necessity when working for more than a few minutes
  • Technique in studio: 3 x HD quality broadcast cameras, lights and buttonhole microphones
  • Techniques in studio control: Digital image mixer, digital audio mixer, hard disk recorder, CCU, intercom, name tagging, live graphics and live streaming
  • Transmission: Fiber connection allows live streaming for TV, website, intranet and social media

See specifications on camera and recording equipment on the page Mediehuset Københavns studio specs.



crma-keying-med-Adobe-after-effect-Still089a-720x   Virtuel Studie Simple Static Layers Version - Grafisk produktion

When we design a virtual studio for our customers, which must function in the green screen, we like to decorate with virtual monitors, which are partly very realistic and partly they are suitable for displaying pre-produced video features and / or the company logo.

Three examples of studio production