En kvinde står i green screen studiet og smiler til kameraet. Gitte Koldtoft er kvindelig foredragsholder og en af danmarks mest eftertragtede.

Speaker Gitte Koldtoft on green screen

Gitte Koldtoft, well-known lecturer in Denmark, is again in our green screen studio. She is with Kanal 1 in the studio to video produce several episodes of her well-known Peptalk programs.


Gitte, who is also a studio host on the TV channel KANAL 1, performs in Copenhagen. With the TV series “Peptalk” she gives you short speeches about personal development. Often it’s just a little boost that’s needed – a loving kick in the butt, where you hear something you may have already known, but where you still think: “It’s NOW, I’m going to do something about it”. Maybe you want to lose weight, live healthier, have greater self-esteem, create more positive energy, stand out as independent or create the courage to realize your wildest dreams.
Find examples of video productions with keynote speakers here: https://mediehuset-kbh.dk/keynote-speakers/