Hybrid conference and live streaming event

Live streaming of events and hybrid conferences on-location

  • Pre-event preparation
  • Live streaming session: Max 3 hours
  • Handling incoming video calls
  • 3x HD cameras
  • Crew: 1 x stream techo, 1x camera man, 1x producer
  • StreamBox, Recorder 4x I/O, audio and video mix
  • Design and delivery of video player embedcode


studieproduktion green screen mediehuset koebenhavn

Live streaming and virtual events in green screen studio

  • Preparation before production
  • Recording: 3 hours with max 5 people
  • 3x HD cameras, green screen incl. std. backdrop
  • Full lighting + max 5 microphones
  • Studio control w. graphics, video and audio mixer
  • Graphics package: Intro, outro and name tags
  • Upload to secure server w. 300/300 mb speed



Video recording of events

  • Pre-event preparation
  • Recording: Up to 4 hours
  • 3x HD cameras
  • Crew: 2x camera man, 1x producer
  • Recorder 4x I/O for PowerPoint and video
  • Graphic design pack: Standard
  • Delivery: A real-time mixed video


Keynote speaker

Recording of keynote speaker in green screen studio

  • Recording: 90 minutes
  • Camera: 1 x Full HD – 4K
  • Audio: 1 microphone
  • Studio light: illuminated green screen and main light
  • Recordings are uploaded to ftp server
  • iPad, large monitor and teleprompter
  • Crew: 1 studio producer
  • Post keying and editing

Aditional services:

  • Single-camera recordings
  • Editing service
  • Highly experienced TV hosts do coaching for you or your client in our studio
  • Catering service
  • Makeup artist
  • Teleprompts for studio production
  • Extra camera recording hours / days
  • Admission abroad
  • Extra editing hours / days
  • Subtitle video versioning for multiple languages
  • Graphics, 2D and 3D animations
  • Digital design of backdrop for green screen
  • Online-Interview in studio production, eg. via Zoom or vMix
  • Shooting for the big screen
  • Live streaming