Priser på videoproduktioner - Mediehuset København


Livestreaming service priser 6

Production and broadcasting of streaming video at events, conferences and similar.

  • Preparation: 1 hour per. phone + 2 hours on-location on the day of production
  • Live streaming session: 5 hours
  • Crew: 1 x streaming technician v. On-location production
  • Technology hardware: Live streaming box, advanced multi-function editing
  • Technology software: Generation and delivery of video player + embed code. Cloud transcoding for CDN networks.
  • Data traffic: Incl. 1,000 viewing hours in full HD
  • VoD with / without intro-outro. Additional price: 3,000.- / 2,000.-


studieproduktion green screen mediehuset koebenhavn

Recording of debates, conversations or exclusive product presentations in our green screen studio

  • Preparation in per tel and in the Media House: 2 hours and 2 hours on the actual production day
  • 3x HD cameras, green screen studio and one of the Media House’s standard scenographies
  • Full lighting + microphones
  • Study control with CCU, graphics, video and sound mixer.
  • Recording: 2 hours
  • Intro / outro and name tags with company logo
  • Conversion, upload, email with download link duration on video: 1 hour

Options: Zoom + livestreaming and editing


zoom 1 e1587989202918

Mediehuset København facilitates your video meetings, video conferences and distance learning

  • Presentation of Zoom
  • Technical prerequisites and quality
  • Start-up and creation of virtual meeting rooms
  • Plenary meeting with subsequent group division
  • group room
  • Knock on function
  • Row-hand-up
  • Chat Function
  • user Poll
  • PowerPoint view

Video conference max 2 hours – max 100 participants


corporate cover 2

Corporate video or company profile – produced on-location in your company

  • Preparation: 1 hour
  • Recording: 3-4 hours
  • Editing: 7 hours
  • Graphics with company logo for intro and outro: 2-3 hours
  • Music: From MK catalog with non-exclusive rights
  • Comment and correction: 1 X
  • Conversion, upload and email with download link
  • Duration of video: 2-3 minutes


Aditional services:

  • Media training – highly experienced TV hosts do coaching for you or your employees in our studio
  • Screenwriting – help with writing speech, speak, action or case-story
  • Courses in video production – from idea to finished production
  • Dolly (camera on rails)
  • Camera on crane
  • Specially composed music – incl. rights
  • Speak in Danish and international languages ​​- performed by either in-house or. external speakers
  • Teleprompts for studio production
  • Extra camera recording hours / days
  • Admission abroad
  • Extra editing hours / days
  • Subtitle video versioning for multiple languages
  • Extras, actors and models
  • Graphics, 2D and 3D animations
  • Digital design of virtual scenographies for green screen studio productions and graphic illustrations
  • Phone lock for live studio productions where viewers participate – also by live streaming via Facebook
  • Skype interview in studio production with one or more participants in the same situation (many combination options)
  • Shooting for the big screen
  • Live streaming and VoD
  • Media booking on TV channels, Facebook and Google

NB! Television stations and production companies that produce for their customers are entitled to a discount agreement.