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Green screen studio
We offer our international costumers green screen studio production in pleasant surroundings – very close to Copenhagen Central Station (1 minute). The studio is designed with a modern cyclorama (round corners), multi- camera setup and studio control. Moreover, we have a kitchen and a guest reception with a relaxed atmosphere. It means that serve you with the making of speeches, debates and online conferences (see below regarding live streaming and Zoom).

On-location and corporate video
Mediehuset København offers video production on-location.
With a multi-camera setup we offer almost the same as in our studio (accept of green screen), with regard to cover your event – for instance a conference or presentations.
With a single-camera setup, we can produce for you everywhere in Denmark – regardless of whether you wish RAW camera shots or a finished production.

Live streaming and Zoom
As an add-on to our productions, we offer live streaming for your intranet, website and social media. Moreover, we offer Q&A and voting – both public and anonymous.
If you wish to organize an online conference with online debate participants, we recommend Zoom that gives the participants flexible options to participate with their personal web cameras. For instance, we make it possible to ask questions directly to the panel or keynote speakers in the studio.