About Mediehuset København

Mediehuset København solves all tasks within video production and streaming, and has done so for over 25 years for both private and public customers. Whatever the need, we find a cost-effective solution that has an easy integration with the customer’s existing communication platform. We are involved right from the idea phase to the finished product.
We produce everything from commercials, corporate video and animation films to employee video as well as HR and CSR videos, training films, instructional videos and much more. Videos that can be used internally and externally, for example as online marketing on social media – not least as Facebook video advertising.
We record on location or in our own green screen studio at Copenhagen Central Station, with the option of live streaming on Facebook, TV, internet or your intranet. We also have the opportunity to help with the distribution of existing videos to a VoD platform (Video on Demand) – ie development of platform for web TV – either as part of a new website or integration on existing website. In addition to video productions, we also have experience with professional media training and teaching video production in our own course department.

Our vision and mission

The media production company Mediehuset København is a professional total supplier of web TV and video productions for companies.
Our vision is to bring messages through web TV and video in very high quality.
Our mission is to make very high quality web TV and video productions that are cost effective and that have an easy integration with our customers’ existing communication platforms.


We have many skilled employees and can make all parts of a production.
We have fully professional video production equipment, editing suites, graphic suites, livestream equipment for production in full HD quality – as well as everything for production in studio and on-location.
We have our own studio with green screen, for which we also design digital virtual studio backgrounds – we can live-broadcast both to TV and live-stream on intranet, internet and social media.
We can help our customers with planning throughout the project phase – from idea to a finished project.
We not only record, cut and edit – we participate in the entire production process. Whether it’s about designing virtual environments, scripts, setting up corporate TV, teaching, media training, advertising, information, studio hosts, actors and everything that belongs to our clients’ needs.
Finally, we help our customers design, organize and run campaigns on TV and the web – including Facebook advertising, Google Business registration, LinkedIn and Twitter.