Remote production and video-link for American production company -

Remote production and video-link for American production company

Event: Hybrid event
Audience: Property investors and stakeholders
Client: Next Millennium Production (USA)
Purpose: Investor meeting
End-client: Hines
Production format: Remote production, video-link
Location: Moltke’s Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark

Our client, the American production company Next Millennium Production (NMP), served as the technical facilitator for a multinational investor meeting for Hines’ investors and stakeholders. The physical portion of the event took place at Moltke’s Palace in central Copenhagen, where Mediehuset København (Media House Copenhagen) acted as the local Danish subcontractor for NMP, providing production facilities for remote production. This allowed NMP to remotely control and guide Mediehuset’s crew, equipment, as well as Hines’ moderators and keynote speakers. A parallel setup provided video-link capabilities. In addition to live streaming, selected 4K camera footage was also recorded and uploaded to NMP for post-production.

Background on the video production

Hines is a privately owned global company specializing in real estate investment, development, and management, founded in 1957. The company operates in 395 cities across 30 countries and has a portfolio of investment properties valued at $95.79 billion. Hines holds an annual investor meeting.

Next Millennium Production is a media production company based in New York, USA. The company facilitates (in general, visual digital productions) hybrid events for Hines.

Mediehuset København is a media production company that has been serving as a subcontractor for foreign production companies since 1993, catering to international clients. Danish subcontractor for NMP.