Profile video for executive search company Amrop

Amrop, the leading company when it comes to international executive search, have asked Mediehuset København (Media House Copenhagen) to record and produce a video during their company conference in Copenhagen.

Format: Corporate presentation, profile video
Purpose: Objective – show the added value and experience of belonging to the Amrop Partnership Feeling: INTERNATIONAL AGILITY, CONNECTIVITY


Show Amrop partners in action arriving and interacting, at a key global Amrop event.
Zoom in on 7 Partners as channels to embody key PVP aspects of the partnership – e.g. entrepreneurial, caring, enriched, community, trust and bonds. These aspects will be harvested from the 7 Partners and built into a narrative. We can add indicators that are missing from that pre-work that we deem important.

The storyboard supplied by the client as a basis for this quote is designed to accommodate whatever emerges. Show a diverse and connected group (gender, race, age) = local presence also.

Format and content

  • Lively, vivacious, attention grabbing, short (3 minutes max)
  • Agile way of shooting, no queuing outside filming room
  • The 7 participants are filmed in one go over 45-60 minutes.
  • Energizing sound track


Establishing shots showing Amrop Partners connecting in different parts of the world, in different ways.

Some stock footage, some clips from existing Amrop videos Banners in back ground.
As the footage plays, we see pop ups of WhatsApp messages from Amrop people, as well as ticker tape text moving along the screen announcing their arrivals in ‘FBI adventure movie’ style.
We move into the hotel itself, zooming in on 7 key participants in action.
Next we zoom in on each of the 7 key partners in action one after the other, on iPhone, using laptop and getting coffee. Each individual sequence closes with a closeup of the partner smiling confidently, face to camera. They do not need to be recorded speaking, instead…
…each sequence accompanied by a professional voiceover – narrating key aspects of the Partner experience of Amrop. Throughout the narrative, we see pop ups of key words, over the footage of the key Partners.

Each Partner sequence is also accompanied by a ticker tape text with their job title and a one liner of and what they have achieved since joining. Next, we move to time lapse footage of other participants in the coffee station area, interacting with each other. Then a final animated infographic summarizing ‘Leaders For What’s Next’ – Amrop’s Value Proposition. Subliminal message – join Amrop as a Partner.

Outro, Amrop, Leaders For What’s Next,
All key participants need to be elegantly dressed (not necessarily business dress) – and very well-groomed.

Technical equipment

HD cameras in broadcast quality, sound and light


  • Production of graphic elements
  • Recordings from reception and conference
  • Editing video
  • Delivery of digital master