Palyroom (Norway)

Multi-camera recording – Denmark and Norway

Client: Playroom Norway
End-client: TietoEVRY
Production type: Live on tape/file (ISO-recording/selected camera)
Distribution: Digital platform
Delivey: FTP or filemail to
Studio: on-location, TietoEVRY office outside Copenhagen


The customer cannot travel to Copenhagen due to Covid-19 and therefore needs our help.
Our client, a Norwegian video production company will edit the recordings themselves, therefore it is only the production part they need help with. Book equipment and staff for 1 day of admission at TietoEVRY’s premises in Copenhagen. Admission will take place on 05.11.2020, as well as sending/transmitting actual recording to the client.

Production day: 05.11.20 (08:00 – 18:00)
Recording: 05.11.20 (11:30 – 17:00)
Editing: Playroom Event AS (Norway)
Delivery time: November 5th 2020

Cameras: 4x
Format: 16:9, 1080/25fps
Mics: 4x Microports
L&R sound (PGM mix both for picture and sound)
Video graphics: Graphics will be put on in the editing
Exteriuer: 4 x Roll-up with graphic/photos

  • Setting 1: Intro and outro in the lobby
  • Setting 2: Presentations at the office
  • Setting 3: Talk show setting in the auditorium
  • Setting 4: Talk show setting with Teleankenævnet
  • B-Roll: Pictures outside of the TietoEVRY building in Copenhagen in half dark/morning

Additional: Catering, makeup artist, print-service for roll-ups