Around the moon – a IAC-video

Video production type: Event-video, Conference-video, Museum-video
Contents: Virtual Technical Programme based on a compilation of 10-minute video lectures
Customer: Dansk Selskab for Rumfartsforskning.

IAF space congress – IAC 2020

One of the things that the project includes for the Danish Society for Space Research is to spread the knowledge of the project internationally – including contributing an abstract to the large space congress IAC 2020, organized by IAF (International Astronautical Federation). Originally, it was to take place in Dubai this year (2020), but due to the COVID-19 situation, will be transformed into a virtual conference. As the conference is virtual, a video lecture of approx. 10 minutes. Selected presentations will be shown at the virtual conference and all presentations will be included in this year’s proceedings, which means that the material will be posted on the IAF’s website, where others will be able to view the material at a later date.