Øjenhospitalet Danmark – Cataracts

Title: Cataracts
Customer: Øjenhospitalet Danmark
Type: Case video, Testimonial video
Use in media: Websites, 1-1 marketing and emails

Cataracts are an eye disorder that affects many Danes, especially the elderly. Over time, the eye’s lens becomes irregular in the cell layers, which makes the vision very blurred and the lens itself begins to appear grayish. Hence the name Gray Starling. Øjenhospitalet Danmark specializes in giving you vision back by replacing the blurred lens and replacing it with a new specially adapted lens.

Øjenhospitalet Danmark specializes in operating on patients with Cataracts. With Gray Starling Premium, we also correct for building defects, nearsightedness or farsightedness. And gives our patients the sight back.